Project Development

storyboardNeed help planning and developing a project? Edge Productions can take you from the “idea” phase to producing workable scripts. Whether the project is an IndieGOGO or Kickstarter campaign, a commercial, student film, music video, documentary, or a fictional narrative, we can help you get your project off the ground. We’re also able to collaborate with you using the following screenwriting programs:

Final Draft
Adobe Story

Video Production

We utilize an array of professional equipment to make your project look and sound professional. Equipment on-hand includes the following:

Sony NEX-FS100ro11020201_01_nexfs100uk_tm1
Tascam DR-40 Pre-amp
Røde NTG-2 mic
Sennheiser wireless mic system
Arri and Kino light kits
Stands, flags, and standard grip equipment
Portable green screen (also white and black)

And much more. Email to enquire.

Video Editing


You give us the content, and we provide the video editing, titles, sound mixing, and color correction that you need. Post-production software we use includes:

Adobe Premiere CS
Adobe After Effects CS
Final Cut Pro

DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring and Replication

Edge Productions will design and authDVD-Authoringor your DVD or Blu-Ray disc and produce it in any quantity you need (Blu-Rays in excess of 25 copies will require BDCMF conversion, see below). Authoring software we use includes:

Adobe Encore CS
DVD Studio Pro

Blu-Ray BDCMF Conversion


Without a conformed Blu-Ray format called BDCMF, you cannot do a mass-production of Blu-Ray discs. Edge Productions can take your Blu-Ray disc image, conform it to the BDCMF format, and ship it back to you so you can print your discs, hassle-free. Prices range from $150-$600.

YouTube Monetization, Account Management, and general Digital Media Management


Managing your YouTube videos is a time-consuming process, but YouTube’s monetization platform through Google Adsense can provide your company with extra capital. Edge Productions can help you maximize your YouTube channel’s reach, getting more eyes on your content, earning you more ad revenue.


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